Pipes thawing

For any Freeze or Unfreeze Pipes

If you think you are dealing with a frozen pipe, prevention is better than cure. If in doubt, it is recommended to close the water inlet and to communicate with us quickly, because the risk of bursting is indeed present. An exploding pipe can cause significant water damage and damage.

Plumbing emergency

A frozen pipe is an urgent problem! If you do not know exactly where the frozen pipe is, your Plumber Lafleur plumber will do it for you before thawing the problematic pipe safely. If necessary, your plumber will finally insulate the pipe to prevent the problem from being repeated.Whether you are in Lachine, LaSalle and Dorval, our plumbing services could potentially save you many headaches … and precious dollars.

We also offer the following services:

  • Cleaning
  • Restraining Valves
  • Hot-water heating systems
  • Sewers
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