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Why choose Lafleur Plumbing ?

Our professionalism

Since 1980, Plomberie Lafleur stands out for the quality of the work of its experienced team of plumbers. We will take the necessary time on site to ensure that your work is perfectly executed and we will ensure the cleanliness of the premises at the time of our departure.

Our courtesy

Entrusting the task to an experienced and trusted plumber is good. Entrusting the task to an experienced, trusted and friendly plumber is better. We believe that it is much more pleasant to work with a smile!

Our experienced workers

All our plumbers are members of X. So, you are assured that your work will be carried out according to the strictest plumbing standards of Quebec.

We offer a guarantee on the quality of our Plumbing and Heating service

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Our main services

Drains unclogging

Do you have a sewer, a sink drain, a toilet, a bath or other anything else clogged?
We are able to help you!

Water heater

The majority of insurers do not cover the damage of a leak of a water heater over 10 years … Prevention is better than cure.

Tuyau couvert de glace | Plombier | Plomberie Lafleur | Montréal

Pipes thawing

Your pipe has frozen because of the cold temperature? Avoid major damage. Close your water inlet and contact us now!

Plombier qui travaille dans un panneau rempli de tuyaux | Plombier | Plomberie Lafleur | Montréal

Renovation and repair

From bathtub and wash basin hardware to dishwasher or sink installation. Call us for your renovation projects.

Other services Offered

We put customer satisfaction first, which is why we make every effort to quickly answer your call and do quality work.

We are experts in pipe cleaning and thawing, as well as water heaters. Using cameras, we can inspect your plumbing and identify problems with great precision. Our plumbers are also equipped to handle :

  • Water inlets
  • Cleaning
  • Check valves
  • Hot-water heating systems
  • Sewers
  • Blocked pipes


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